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How It All Began

We Build Better Brands

My Internet Girlfriend is first and foremost a community - a community of creators thriving and growing in every aspect. This growth amongst our creators occurs daily on a mental, physical, spiritual, financial level. We provide creative marketing solutions to our creators which allows for this unique multi-faceted growth to occur. We aid in the branding of our creators and seek to grow their image in the exact light they wish to portray. Our community and its unique image allows us to connect our Internet Girlfriends directly with their fans online through social media platforms to build a special, personalized relationship that individuals in this modern-era are often deprived of.

My Internet Girlfriend is disrupting the industry with its modern and innovative marketing solutions. As a growing agency, My Internet Girlfriend aims to help creators build and monetize their brands through novel creative techniques that really help creators establish a fan base that not only converts but is also extremely scalable. 

As an agency owner and creator myself I really would love to bridge the gap between content creators and their fans. I am really excited about this new venture because I think we are seeing a shift in the world where women are finally standing in their power especially within the modeling space. We are seeing more and more women allow themselves to embrace their own identity and sexuality which should be celebrated. The name My Internet Girlfriend emphasizes the current shift in society, learning about our true identities and embodying our personal brand.

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